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BARRACUDA STANDARD- Full prescription - starting from £144.00

BARRACUDA STANDARD- Full prescription

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SP) Standard Prescriptions - up to +/- 10.00 Sph. and up to 4.0 Cyl.
For prescriptions outside these ranges, please call 0114 3273140 for assessment and quotation.

Product Information

Designed for fitness swimmers, the Standard is the original Barracuda swim goggle... recognised the world over. A large and comfortable goggle, the Standard offers leak-free performance throughout any length of swim and is the preferred choice for many distance swimmers as it can be worn for hours without causing tissue irritation. The Standard features Barracuda's Positive Pressure, or anatomical seal, which works on a different principle to the traditional suction seal found on other goggles. The eye frames on Barracuda goggles are shaped all around the eye, to more closely match the tissues on which they rest. In addition, the frame matches the underlying bone structure, directing the foam into those areas which are more difficult to seal. Polycarbonate prescription lenses are bonded directly into the frame for a permanent, watertight fit.

Standard prescription range +/-6 sphere and +4 cylinder. Prescriptions above this range will carry an extra charge as shown below.



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